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    Welcome to Akalabai Village Stay

    Our program permeates all sectors of the local socio-economic setting. It seeks to build new levels of relationships between the host and the visitor by fostering opportunities at the community level

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    A Gift of Lifetime

    The large Garden Grounds set the Tone that you are at Home in the Open Country

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    What We Offer

    “A Bird’s Eye View”, “A Walk to the Past”, “Across Teso - East to West”.

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    A Place for complete Rest and Relaxation

    A place to recoup & Get the Body & mind back into fine Balance, Your Experience begins when you Arrive, Delightful.

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    Come & Experience the Nature at its Best

    Immerse your self in the serenity of our upscale in the Eastern, Settle in to your exquisitely designed set up, with all the amenities of home

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    Akalabai Village Stay

    One of the first things that comes to mind is the Great Migration. Words just can’t do justice to the majesty of this awe-inspiring spectacle.

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Our Services

What We Offer

We pair local people with the visitors. A simple reservation process establishes the date and time for a breakfast/lunch/dinner gathering.

  • Market Day – “Esokoni

    MONDAY: Atutur Cattle Market (2 Km) or Bukedea Cattle Market (8Km), MONDAY: Atutur Cattle Market (2 Km) or Bukedea Cattle Market (8Km)..

  • Dine with the Locals

    Have you really experienced the amazing villages you are visiting? Until you have interacted with local residents, you have only skimmed the surface.

  • Walking Safaris

    Teso is one of the finest places in Uganda to take a walking safari. The land is occupied by Iteso, the most hospitable tribe you would ever meet in Uganda.


Find Our Best facilities

Peaceful, Comfortable, Exciting

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    All Dishes


    Find out our well equipped Kitchens

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    Teso Culture

    Walking Safari”, “Market Day”, “The Museum”, “Let’s Play, Sing and Dance”, “our Local Brew”.

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    All Dishes


    Find out our well equipped Kitchens

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    Play Grounds


    The children are also catered for, with spacious play grounds.

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    Power Sources

    We do we various sources of power, that include, electricity, Gas, Firewood

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    Spacious balcony

    Enjoy the air breeze weather outside the grounds

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    Dinning with locals

    Enhance your experiences by eating a meal or two with local residents

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    Self Contained

    Modern Toilets

    Our facilities come with amenities to include beautiful bathrobes

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    Outside Shade

    Enjoy the air warm breeze outside

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    Parking Space

    We have enough parking space for your car

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    Local & International Foods

    Enjoy a hearty meal, a shared joke, an exchange of ideas.

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    Spacious orchard/camping ground which can accommodate tents of different sizes

A Place For Relaxing, Beautiful & Natural

Enjoy our unbeatable Special Offers just for you.

  • Listen to 'custom stories' told by the elders, learn to speak Ateso, try your hand at weaving, carving, visit the village gardens, chat with a herdsman.

  • Self-contained grass-thatched cottage rooms, and spacious orchard/camping ground which can accommodate tents of different sizes.

  • We are to promote the concept of villagestay for visitors to receive lodging and learning about the local history, in-depth experience of the environment, culture.

Important Facts

Akalabai Village Stay offers guests a variety of recreational activities to choose from. Such as: large lawns for football and other contact sports, Volleyball and Netball pitches, A kids play area, Bicycles, a guided nature walk, which gives you the opportunity to blow off steam during your stay.


Make a Reservation

For making reservations on-line, Please provide as much details as possible. This will help us organize and provide the best services.

Our Address

Kumi District, Eastern Uganda
1 km off Mbale - Kumi Highway Uganda

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